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Session 1: Materials & Processes for Space Applications I
Location: Room 604 (Washington State Convention Center)
(Please check final room assignments on-site).
Session Description: Due to the high cost of access to space, lightweight materials and processing of these materials is critical for space structure applications. In addition, space structures must also be capable of withstanding launch loads and extreme thermal excursions. This session will highlight materials and processes for a variety of different space structures, from launch vehicles to large orbiting platforms to scientific satellites. Topics will include materials for rocket engines, lightweight alloys for cryotanks and space structures, and advanced processing techniques for fabricating structures to be used in space.

Session Chair:Mr. Dallis Hardwick AFRL Materials Directorate, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH
9:00 AMDirect Metal Deposition: An Innovative Way to Produce Near Net Shape Parts and Remanufacture In-Service Components
9:30 AMHigh Strength Copper Alloys for Rocket Engine Applications
10:00 AMDesign Readiness Update for 2099 Al-Li Plate
10:30 AMBreak
11:00 AMDevelopment of Materials for Service in High Pressure, High Temperature Oxygen Environments
11:30 AMMaterial Processing Challenges Associated wtih Core Material Consolidation for Nuclear Rocket Engines