Call for Papers

ASM Heat Treating Society 29th Annual Conference and Exhibition

Steps and Instructions:

  1. 1. Session Selection

    Choose the session you would like to present your paper.
  2. 2. Enter Title

    Enter your title and any comments to organizers.
  3. 3. Enter Authors

    Enter author name, affiliation, and contact information.
  4. 4. Enter Abstract Text (150 Word Limit)

    You will be able to copy/paste your abstract into a text box.
  5. 5. Confirmation

    You will have a chance to look over the submission to make sure all is complete.
  6. General Instructions:

    No names or titles should be included in the abstract text. Names will be automatically hidden during the abstract review process and will be automatically inserted and properly formatted upon publication.

    Presenting authors will be automatically informed of the unique ID numbers and passwords assigned to their abstracts. Abstracts may be viewed and modified at any time between submission and the deadline, using the assigned ID number and password.

    Technical Support:

    For help in submitting an abstract online, Contact technical support.

Begin a submission to the following:

*Must be age 30 or younger.