Induction Hardening Inductors and Process Development

Wednesday, October 25, 2017: 11:00 AM
A210-212 (Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Mrs. Sandra Midea , Induction Tooling, Inc., North Royalton, OH
Mr. David Lynch , Induction Tooling, Inc., North Royalton, OH
Although great strides are being made to simulate induction patterns, most of today’s inductor design and validation is still done through experience and experimentation.  Our objective is to show how an inductor is designed, fabricated and validated to be ready for integration into robust manufacturing. Small changes in angles, chamfers and air gaps have a tremendous effect on the induction hardening (IH) pattern. Making these changes and validating the effect is called characterizing the inductor.

Each aspect of the hardening inductor is critical in order to deliver an inductor capable of meeting engineering drawing requirements and be ready for production. This includes:

  • Inductor design and fabrication

  • Characterization and Process Development

  • Metallurgical Validation

The importance of each of these steps plus a method to accomplish this on the shortest timeframe is presented.

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