A new standard guide for induction heat treating - explanation of ASTM A1100

Thursday, October 26, 2017: 10:50 AM
A210-212 (Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Dr. Lesley D. Frame , UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT, Bridgeport, CT
After several years’ effort, a new standard guide has been approved and published by ASTM International that will fill a lacunae in the field of induction heat treating.  A1100 – Standard Guide for Qualification and Control of Induction Heat Treating, includes a detailed description of the process variables that can affect induction heat treated long products.  ASTM A1100 also provides guidance on the creation of manufacturing procedures and evaluation of induction heating operations.  This presentation offers a summary of the ASTM A1100 goals and expected impact on the field of induction heat treating for long products.  The presentation also provides a detailed explanation of the need for this document and others like it in our industry, citing international examples of poor quality induction heat treated products and industry reactions to these products.  In an effort to remain neutral, individual company names (purchasers and producers) will not be used in this presentation.