Low Pressure Carburizing Distortion Data Comparing Oil And High Pressure Gas Quenching

Wednesday, October 25, 2017: 11:40 AM
A220-222 (Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Mr. Dennis Beauchesne , ECM-USA, Inc., Pleasant Prairie, WI
Mr. Vincent Lelong , ECM-USA, Inc., Pleasant Prairie, WI
This presentation will discuss data on parts tested in Low Pressure Carburizing using oil and gas quenching. We will present data on metallurgy, distortion and load design to optimize each quenching media.  As we know oil and gas quench very differently, we will explore the evolution of high pressure gas quenching as it exist in today’s market.  Low Pressure Carburizing has been growjng among OEM’s and now Tier 2 suppliers as well as heat treaters in the Automotive and Aerospace markets. These details should help show the audience that they also can take advantage of Low Pressure Carburizing’s clean environment and just in time processing along with possible distortion control for all their parts currently being atmosphere carburized.