True single-piece flow case hardening for in-line manufacturing

Tuesday, October 24, 2017: 4:00 PM
A213-215 (Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Dr. Maciej Korecki , SECO/WARWICK S.A., Swiebodzin, Poland
The article will introduce the first operational system for truly single-piece flow method for case hardening by low-pressure carburizing and hardening by high-pressure gas quench. The system treats each part individually and as such provides virtually identical process parameters, which results in extremely accurate and repeatable results. Quenching one part at a time in a specially design chamber, achieves more precise control and significantly reduces distortion so as to all make it possible to avoid post heat treatment hard machining operations. This single-piece flow heat treatment method is easily adapted into manufacturing and can be directly integrated into in-line manufacturing operations, working directly with machining centers. Materials handling and logistical issues are eliminated thus saving time and reducing unit cost.

The results achieved on series of automotive gears will be reported and demonstrate incredible accuracy and repeatability, while significantly reducing distortion. Productivity and process costs prove the system to be highly competitive with other technologies. These proven advantages and savings make the single-piece flow case hardening system represent a truly revolutionary step in heat treatment.