Low Drift Type K Thermocouple Cable for Aerospace Applications

Tuesday, October 24, 2017: 4:20 PM
A210-212 (Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Mr. Trevor Ford , CCPI Europe Ltd, SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom
Dr. Michele Scervini , University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
As a result of research conducted by the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge and tests conducted in the calibration laboratory at CCPI Europe Ltd., a new mineral insulated (MI) thermocouple cable has been developed for sensor manufacturing.

Base Metal Thermocouple limitations for both type K and type N thermocouple combinations in operational conditions during extended and/or high temperature conditions are shown to have a limited life operation.

The test results showed the conventional type K design maintained calibration limits and stayed within IEC 60584 -1: 2013 class 1 and ASTM E230 special tolerances up to the sixteenth cycle.

In contrast, the new design dual wall type K sensors maintained calibration values to meet both IEC 60584 -1: 2013 class 1 and ASTM E230 special tolerances for the full duration of the tests.

This new cable can allow type K and N thermocouples to work longer and at higher temperatures with significantly reduced drift, offering greater measurement confidence.