Quenching and Cooling I

Tuesday, October 24, 2017: 2:00 PM-3:40 PM
A223-225 (Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Dr. B. Lynn Ferguson, DANTE Solutions, Inc.
2:00 PM
Development of Rotary-Arm Type Test System with a Small Platinum Ball Probe for Determination of Cooling Characteristics of Quenchants
Dr. Kyozo Arimoto, Arimotech Ltd.; Prof. Mitsuyoshi Shimaoka, National Institute of Technology,Nara College; Mr. Fumiaki Ikuta, Neturen Co., Ltd.
2:20 PM
A new test method to characterize heat transfer coefficient distribution in industrial gas quenching systems
Mr. Yuan Lu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Mr. Haixuan Yu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Prof. Richard D Sisson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
2:40 PM
Identification of the important process parameters to control distortion and residual stress during heat treating
Mr. Haixuan Yu, Material Science and Engineering; Mr. Yuan Lu, Worcester Polytechnice Institute; Mr. Tianyi Zhou, Material Science and Engineering; Prof. Richard D Sisson, Worcester Polytechnice Institute
3:00 PM
The effect of contamination on Cooling Curve Behavior of Polymer Quenchants
Dr. D. Scott MacKenzie, Houghton International Inc.
3:20 PM
Comparative study of neem and mineral oils for quench hardening of steels
Mr. K. Narayan Prabhu, National Institute of Technology Karnataka; Mr. Ullal Vignesh Nayak, National Institute of Technology Karnataka
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