Super Enhanced Ceramic - Whiskers (SEC-W) by GeniCore U-FAST Technology

Wednesday, September 15, 2021: 3:40 PM
227 (America's Center)
Dr. Marcin Rosiński , GeniCore Sp. z o.o., Warszawa, Poland
Mr. Thomas Wingens , WINGENS LLC, Coraopolis, PA
Mr. Damian Karpowicz , GeniCore Sp. z .o.o., Warsaw, Poland
SPS technology (Spark Plasma Sintering) also called FAST technology (Field Assisted Sintering Technology) enables effective consolidation of pure metal powders, metal alloys, and ceramic and metal composites using pulsed direct current. The key aspect of FAST technology is the possibility to carry out the sintering process at a significantly lower temperature than other available methods. This has a beneficial effect on limiting the growth of grain and ensures much better parameters of the created materials. The advantages of FAST also include a very short sintering time and uniformity of the resulting material, as well as high energy efficiency related mainly to the direct generation of heat in the material.

The further SPS technology development allowed to upgrade the FAST technology and create the U-FAST device which represents the state-of-the-art sintering technology. The U-FAST technology allow to sinter materials from metallic powder and obtain groundbreaking material properties which allows the final product to be implemented into high-end industrial applications.

The Super Enhanced Composite – Whiskers (SEC-W) material which was developed by GeniCore team represents the best available high-end ceramic material. Thanks to direct heating of the material by special designed power pulses it was possible to control the material microstructure and as a result to obtain the best cutting material properties on the market.