3D Tools: How Visualization Techniques Reveal Information Beyond the Animation

Monday, September 13, 2021: 10:20 AM
240 (America's Center)
Dr. Charles A. Fox , Engineering Systems Inc., Ames, IA
People are extremely good at processing visual information. Images are remembered better than reading or hearing about an event. How you create those images can be critical to the visualization's admissibility. More importantly, you may be overlooking vital information available to your investigation if you are not working in 3D. In this media-rich presentation, Dr. Charles Fox will take the audience through examples of how virtual reality and 3D animation enjoy layers of support consisting of deliberately collected data and found data that is frequently available in today's environment of security cameras and cell phones. Assembling these data types so they can be visualized in concert is critical. Three-dimensional geometry of a scene provides more than just a view of an accident location, it is a framework upon which other data can be placed. In context, photographs, video and GPS data gain spatial relevance that they lack on their own. Visualizations that result from this approach are intuitive to view, enabling all stakeholders to see the significance of a variety of data sources in one view. The consensus generated using these tools is built upon the quality and reliability of each layer of support.