(V) Failure Analysis 4.0 or how Smart-Tools can increase Prevention in Industry

Wednesday, September 15, 2021: 10:00 AM
240 (America's Center)
Mr. Pierre DUPONT , UMONS - Faculté polytechnique de MONS (FPMs), DOUR, Belgium
This talk intends mainly to show the last and hottest developments made in the field of "Industry4.0" and their potential effective uses for smartly doing Prevention of Failures in Industry.

After having described what is in fact the nowadays more and more used verbiage "Industry4.0", its historical origin and the main underlying principles, a detailed description will be made of some of the most important and specific tools and Typical measurements. An explained distinction will be done between IoT and Smart-Tools and the main physical parameters that are used in practice will be discussed. Big Data, Physical Modelling and Cloud Computing will also be shortly overviewed and discussed followed by a "+" and a "-" comparative of their relative performances and potential interests. The human factor will also be here deeply considered in terms of measurement interpretation, confort of use, support to the evaluation, cross check of the critical datas and aid to the decision.

Some Typical industry variables used for preventing failures in machineries and industrial apparatus and typical industrial application fields will also be described. A non exhaustive overview of Typical Failure modes that may be followed using those techniques will be discussed.

Prevention in terms of Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance and Conditional Maintenance will also be explained followed by a short presentation of a Typical tool : the "Smart-Check" !