(V) In Vivo Studies of BioMg 250 Bioabsorbable Mg Alloy

Tuesday, September 14, 2021: 2:00 PM
225 (America's Center)
Dr. Ray Decker, FASM , Thixomat/nanoMAG, Livonia, MI
Jack Edick , Thixomat/nanoMAG, Livonia, MI
Ms. Carolyn Woldring , Thixomat/nanoMAG, Livonia, MI
Dr. Steve LeBeau , Thixomat/nanoMAG, Livonia, MI
The principles of alloy design of BioMg 250 will be described - including the roles of size and chemical misfit of Zn, Ca and Mn atoms in the Mg matrix and the special role of Mn. Then, in vivo pre-clinical test results in small and large animals will be presented. Most recently, Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) studies have progressed favorably in a canine model compared to Ti implants. Micro CT and histology information from that campaign will be presented.