(V) Physical Simulation of Soft Magnetic Composite Impeder Performance

Tuesday, September 14, 2021: 1:40 PM
222 (America's Center)
Mr. Sean M. Muyskens , Fluxtrol Inc., Auburn Hills, MI
Mr. Robert C. Goldstein , Fluxtrol Inc., Auburn Hills, MI
Induction tube welding is used for the continuous production of metallic tubes. These systems often utilize an internal magnetic flux controller (impeder) to improve process efficiency. Significant energy savings and increased productivity have been demonstrated both theoretically and practically when switching from the traditional ferrite impeder core, to one made of a soft magnetic composite (SMC) with high saturation flux density. In order to use SMCs in these systems it is important to balance the greater heat generated in these materials at higher fields with the cooling water available.

A test stand was devised for physical simulation of SMC impeder performance for use in induction tube welding systems. Tests were run to determine the loading and cooling conditions that an impeder core made of SMCs could survive. Additionally, loss estimates based on the rise in temperature from the cooling water were compared with published loss data for the SMCs used. The goal of these tests was to create a design envelope in which impeder cores made of SMCs could survive and validate their use in induction tube welding systems.