CO2 Utilization

Wednesday, September 15, 2021: 3:40 PM
225 (America's Center)
Mr. Randall Smith , Seerstone Development, Provo, UT
Large volume utilization of carbon dioxide, where the CO2 is converted into carbon performance additives, can help combat global warming. Current carbon production methods all emit CO2 as a byproduct. We offer a technology which consumes CO2 to make carbon performance additives, e.g. carbon black and carbon fiber, and offers a net carbon reduction.

The increased focus on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is helping drive new technology and federal policy development. There are mature Carbon Capture technologies which capture CO2 from industry waste emissions e.g. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kansai Mitsubishi Carbon Dioxide Recovery Process (KM-CDR Process®) for capturing CO2 from fossil fuel power plants. There are also emerging technologies to extract CO2 from the atmosphere, e.g. Carbon Engineering’s Direct Air Capture (DAC). The US Federal ‘45Q Tax Credit for Carbon Capture Projects’ reflects federal policy on CO2 mitigation and provides a performance-based tax credit for carbon capture/utilization projects.

Profitable, high volume CO2 utilization, beyond enhanced oil recovery, is the next key step. The Noyes Process, a new patented utilization technology, uses the Bosch reaction to convert CO2 into solid carbon performance additives, an annual global market greater than $23B, which can monetize a company’s waste CO2 emissions, using profit to help drive environmental benefit. These solid carbon performance additives can be used in cement, rubber, resins and plastics, or further processed through thermal methods and converted into graphitic material for use in metals, batteries and refractories, displacing the current CO2 -emitting methods of carbon production.