(V) A Philosophy on Career Planning and Navigation

Monday, September 13, 2021: 1:40 PM
226 (America's Center)
Dr. David U. Furrer , Pratt & Whitney, East Hartford, CT
Engineering is complicated and filled with ambiguity. It is critical that we establish goals and continually drive to achieve them. This journey can be challenging and not straightforward. As part of this journey, we need to think about the philosophy to DO GOOD. We need to assess the efforts we are doing or could be doing and ensure we are doing good and making positive contribution and progress toward the goals we are trying to achieve. Doing good can provide local or near-term results that provide a small amount of good, a medium amount of good, or a large amount of good. We cannot always work on the activities that provide large amounts of good (the proverbial “homerun”), but we need to take stake in the fact that many efforts that provide good of any type will actually be GREAT. The drive for greatness is actually not an individual activity, but rather is a team function where everyone is providing GOOD. Understanding of one’s goals and interests is an important part of establishing the direction for your journey, but always think about doing good individually and with teams.