Bio-Based Composites Deliver Performance & Sustainability at Scale

Wednesday, September 15, 2021: 2:40 PM
225 (America's Center)
Mr. Riley Reese , Arris, Berkeley, CA
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Bio-Based Composites Deliver Performance & Sustainability at Scale


Composites offer incredible lightweighting and performance advantages but typically require energy-intensive manufacturing processes, generate significant waste, and are tricky to recycle. Arris’s Additive Molding™ and Bio-Metal™ technologies definitively solve these problems, enabling high-speed, low-energy, and near-zero-waste manufacturing, as well as easy recycling, without compromising material properties or design latitude.

Additive Molding™ is an automated, high-volume manufacturing process that enables the low-cost, scalable production of ultra-high quality advanced composite products with precision-aligned fibers and optimized topographies. The process can be used in conjunction with Bio-Metal™ from Arris, a groundbreaking industry-first high-volume composites solution using renewable, plant-based resins with the strength and stiffness of metal at a fraction of the weight.

Leading brands are leveraging Bio-Metal™ to replace traditional metals and composites in consumer electronics, sporting goods, cars, drones, and aircraft. The result? A low-energy, low-waste manufacturing process yielding lighter, tougher, more efficient, and more easily recyclable products at scale.

Join Riley Reese, Arris CTO, to learn more about high-performance composites made from plant-based resin produced through a low-energy, near-zero-waste process called Additive Molding™.

About Arris:

ARRIS is a Berkeley, California-based technology company enabling the design and manufacture of the highest-performance products at scale. Arris’s Additive Molding™ is a high-speed composites manufacturing technology aligning continuous fibers, electronics, and metallic components within topology-optimized structures. Arris partners with the world’s most innovative companies to help them imagine, design, and manufacture lighter, faster, stronger, smarter, more sustainable products. Learn more at