(V) The Lehigh Nano/Human Interface Initiative: A Futuristic Vision of Electron Microscopy

Wednesday, September 15, 2021: 3:00 PM
242 (America's Center)
Mr. Chris Marvel , Lehigh University, Bethleham, PA
Modern technology has improved the computational power of scientific instruments and subsequently enabled researchers to collect vast amounts of data. However, as the speed of computers increase and more useful machine learning is being developed, the speed of true, real time scientific discovery remains somewhat unchanged. For example, it’s possible that ultrafast data collection speeds are now beyond normal human comprehension. As a means to accelerate scientific discovery, the Nano/Human Interface (NHI) Initiative, an ambitious $3M project underway at Lehigh University, seeks to transform how researchers conduct scientific research by focusing on the ‘human’ element of real-time data analysis and interpretation. NHI is currently developing human-machine interfaces that eliminate bottlenecks in the scientific discovery process and improve how people operate and/or “communicate” with scientific instruments. A team of physical, cognitive, and data scientists are designing, building, and implementing interactive and immersive capabilities, primarily focused on characterizing materials on multiple-length scales while using electron microscopes. These new capabilities­ will develop and retain user profiles, relieve researchers of mundane tasks, reduce cognitive load through real-time machine learning and 3D data visualizations, and unleash scientists’ creative potential. This talk will review our latest experiments and observations focused on understanding the limitations of human cognition of novice and expert users when using an aberration-corrected transmission electron microscope. We will then present our vision of an immersive electron microscopy experience permitting real-time data analysis, including remote collaboration that we envision transforming scientific discovery in the near future.