The Electric Vehicle: Driving Change in the Heat Treat Industry

Tuesday, September 14, 2021: 2:30 PM
Exhibit Halls 1-3 (America's Center)
Dr. James Boileau , Element Materials Technology, Wixom, MI
Within the last 5 years, electric vehicles (EVs) have begun to transition into the mainstream of vehicle production and sales. Given the increased public support for controlling climate-affecting emissions, it can be reasonably projected that this change to EVs will continue to increase. As an example, while currently occupying only 2% of global new vehicle sales, it is estimated that EV sales will grow to over 50% by 2050. Correspondingly, the number of internal combustion (IC) engine-powered vehicles will decrease. This shift will cause a fundamental change in the amount of business as well as the way heat-treaters conduct their business. This presentation will begin by examining some of the current changes associated with the transition from IC to EV powerplants. Next, it will look at current heat-treated components in automobiles and which of these components will increase/decrease. Finally, the presentation will project trends that are reasonable extrapolations for the future. The presentation will conclude with the statement that the transition to EVs will change the heat treat industry significantly; however, the key point is this change will come over a 20- to 30-year timeframe, allowing for willing businesses to accommodate the changes to their marketed components and technologies.