Additive Manufacturing of Nickel Super Alloys

Monday, September 13, 2021: 1:00 PM-2:40 PM
230 (America's Center)
Dr. Timothy Horn, North Carolina State University
1:00 PM
Corrosion Performance of Additively Manufactured (AM) Alloy 625
Dr. Suresh Divi, Stress Engineering Services; Mr. Adam Rowe, Stress Engineering Services; Mr. Matthew Sanders, Stress Engineering Services
1:20 PM
(V) Dependence of the mechanical properties of laser-powder-bed-fusion-processed Hastelloy X on crystallographic orientation
Mr. Oscar Sanchez-Mata, McGill University; Mr. Xianglong Wang, McGill University; Dr. Jose A. Muñiz-Lerma, McGill University; Ms. Sila Ece Atabay, McGill University; Dr. Mohammad Attarian Shandiz, McGill University; Prof. Mathieu Brochu, McGill University
2:00 PM
(V) Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing - Current developments and industrial applications
Mrs. Andrea Clark, Gefertec; Mr. Danny Lubosch, Gefertec
2:20 PM
High-Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Additvely Manufactured Gas Turbine Alloys
Dr. John Shingledecker, Ph.D., FASM, Electric Power Research Institute; Alex Bridges, Electric Power Research Institute
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