Additive Cold Spray

Wednesday, September 15, 2021: 3:00 PM-4:20 PM
230 (America's Center)
Dr. Timothy Horn, North Carolina State University
3:00 PM
Mechanical properties and nanostructure evolution of cold sprayed AA7050 after in-situ laser heat treatment
Mr. Ning Zhu, The University of Alabama; Dr. Luke N. Brewer, University of Alabama
3:20 PM
(V) Enhancing the deposition profile in cold spray additive manufacturing by nozzle redesign
Ms. Florentina-Luiza Zavalan, University of Leicester; Dr. Aldo Rona, University of Leicester
3:40 PM
(V) Evaluation of cold sprayed CuCr coatings for vacuum switching applications
Mr. Animesh Koneru, University Of Michigan-Dearborn; Mr. Neeraj Karmarkar, University Of Michigan-Dearborn; Dr. Pravansu Mohanty, University of Michigan-Dearborn; Dr. Yanli Chang, Xi'an Polytechnic University
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