Functional Materials and Structures - Solving barriers to adoption I

Tuesday, September 14, 2021: 9:40 AM-11:00 AM
225 (America's Center)
Mr. James H. Mabe, NASA Glenn Research Center
9:40 AM
Actuation Fatigue life of NiTiHf High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
Mr. James H. mabe, The Boeing Company; Mr. Alex Demblon, Texas A&M University; Dr. Ibrahim Karaman, Texas A&M University
10:00 AM
10:20 AM
Pseudoelastic Response of Ion Implanted Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy: Combining Experimentation and Forward Modeling
Mr. Daniel Hong, The Ohio State University; Harshad Paranjape, Confluent Medical Technologies; Peter M Anderson, The Ohio State University; Alejandro Hinojos, The Ohio State University; Prof. Michael J Mills, The Ohio State University; Taiwu Yu, The Ohio State University; Prof. Yunzhi Wang, The Ohio State University; Khalid Hattar, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies Sandia National Laboratories; Nan Li, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Dr. Jeremy E. Schaffer, Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corporation
10:40 AM
Ruggedness Testing of ASTM Standard Test Methods for Shape Memory Alloy Materials
Mr. James H. mabe, The Boeing Company, Texas A&M University; Dr. Douglas E Nicholson, The Boeing Company; Dr. Othmane Benafan, NASA Glenn Research Center; Mr. Glen S Bigelow, NASA Glenn Research Center; Mr. Frank Sczerzenie, SAES Smart Materials; Mr. Drew J Forbes, Fort Wayne Metals; Mr. Brian Van Doren, ATI Specialty Alloys and Components