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Session 2: HVOF 2
Location: 305 B&C (Level 3) (Beijing International Convention Center)
(Please check final room assignments on-site).
Session Description:

Session Chair:Dr. Xiaoou Huang The Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, Beijing, China
3:40 PMAnalysis of In-Flight Particle Properties of Ultrafine Powders
4:00 PMFormation Mechanisms, Structure and Properties of HVOF Sprayed WC-Co Coatings: An Approach Towards Process Maps
4:20 PMCharacterization of Adhesion Strength and Residual Stresses of HVOF Sprayed Inconel 718 for Aerospace Repair Applications
4:40 PMToughness of HVOF - Sprayed Cermet Coatings
5:00 PMEffect of Particle Loading on the Gas Flow in an HVOF Process