hierarchical nanocomposite coatings for component life extension

Wednesday, May 13, 2015: 8:20 AM
Room 102A (Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center)
Mr. Andrew J. Sherman , Mesocoat Inc., Euclid, OH
Dr. Evelina Vogli , Mesocoat Inc., Euclid, OH
Mr. gabriel Santillan , Mesocoat Inc., Euclid, OH
nanocomposite feedstocks, marketed under the PComP(TM) nanocomposite powder brand name, have been developed as a drop-in replacement for tungsten carbide and chrome carbide feedstocks in HVAF and HVOF applications.  Designed with a hierarchical structure, these nanocompossites provide 2-7X increase in toughness, a 30-100% improvement in deposition effiency/process yield, and improved hardness compared to conventional micrograin and non-hierarchically structured nano-grain feedstocks.  In addition, the near-nanocrystaline grain size offers a 2-5X improvement in machining, and a dramatic reduction in friction coefficient and wear rates due to the small scale of surface asperties compared to conventional grain size materials.  coating properties and application case studies and economics of switching to hierarchically structured nanocomppsite feedstocks will be presented and discussed.