Testing and Characterization 1

Monday, May 11, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:50 AM
Room 101B (Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center)
Session Chairs:
Dr. Benjamin Peterson and Mr. Scott M. Briody
8:00 AM
8:40 AM
Characterizations of plasma sprayed CNT reinforced Al2O3 coatings on boiler tube steels
Mr. Rakesh Goyal, Chitkara University; Dr. Vikas Chawla, Ferozepur College of Engineering & Technology, Ferozepur, Punjab, INDIA; Dr. Buta Singh Sidhu, Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala
9:00 AM
Chemical composition influence on the FeMnCrSi alloy microstructure deposited by HVOF
Dr. Anderson Geraldo Marenda Pukasiewicz, UTFPR - Ponta Grossa; Mr. Rodolpho Fernando Vaz, LACTEC Institute of Technology for Development; Mr. Gustavo Bavaresco Sucharski, Universidade Federal do Paraná
9:40 AM
Comparison of hot corrosion behaviors of thermally sprayed NiCr and Cr3C2–NiCr coatings exposure to molten vanadium pentoxide and sodium sulfate
Dr. Sukhpal Singh chatha, Punjabi University Guru Kashi Campus, Talwandi Sabo; Dr. Buta Singh Sidhu, Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala; Dr. Hazoor s Sidhu, Punjabi University Guru Kashi Campus, Talwandi Sabo
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
Corrosion Testing of Thermally Sprayed Aluminium
Dr. Shiladitya Paul, TWI; Mr. Q Y Ho, University of Cambridge; Dr. K Yunus, University of Cambridge; Dr. A C Fisher, University of Cambridge; Mr. M D F Harvey, TWI
10:50 AM
Fe-based Powder Alloys Deposited by HVOF and HVAF for Applications Exposed to Solid Particle Erosion
Dr. Senad Dizdar, Höganäs AB; Mr. Manish Kumar, Höganäs India Pvt. Ltd
11:10 AM
Hybrid Co-Cr/W-WC and Ni-W-Cr-B/W-WC Coating Systems
Mr. Luc Vernhes, Polytechnique Montréal; Dr. Marwan Azzi, Notre Dame University; Dr. Etienne Bousser, Polytechnique Montréal; Dr. Jolanta E. Klemberg-Sapieha, Polytechnique Montréal; Dr. Jean-Michel Lamarre, National Research Council Canada