Mechanics of Shape Memory Materials: Modeling Meets Experiments II

Thursday, May 18, 2017: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM
Sunset Ballroom 1 - 3 (Paradise Point Resort )
Mr. James H. Mabe, The Boeing Company
10:00 AM
Effect of Compressive and Tensile Pre-strains on Durability of Nitinol
Mr. Karthik Senthilnathan, Confluent Medical Technologies; Dr. Ali Shamimi, Confluent Medical Technologies; Lot Vien, Confluent Medical Technologies; Mr. Ich Ong, Confluent Medical Technologies
10:30 AM
Size Effects in Shape Memory Alloys: Competition between structural and microstructural features in determining grain scale performance
Mr. Partha Paul, Northwestern University; Dr. Harshad Paranjape, Colorado School of Mines; Dr. Aaron Stebner, Colorado School of Mines; Prof. Peter M Anderson, NASA Glenn Research Center; Dr. L. Catherine Brinson, Northwestern University
10:45 AM
Effect of Low and Reverse Loading Paths on the Actuation Characteristics of Shape Memory Alloy Torsional Actuators
Mr. Micheal Bass, The Boeing Company; Mr. Douglas Nicholson, The Boeing Company; Mr. James H. Mabe, The Boeing Company
11:00 AM
Effect of Mean Strain and Pre-Strain on Fatigue Strength of Superelastic Nitinol
Dr. Hengchu Cao, Edwards Lifesciences; Dr. Yixin Xu, Edwards Lifesciences; Dr. Fei Zhou, Edwards Lifesciences; Dr. Ming H. Wu, Edwards Lifesciences
11:15 AM
Effect of variable amplitude blocks ordering in the functional fatigue of superelastic NiTi wires
Prof. Alejandro Yawny, CNEA / CONICET, Physics of Metals Division, Centro Atomico Bariloche (CNEA); Dr. Hugo Soul, CONICET, Physics of Metals Division, Centro Atomico Bariloche (CNEA)
11:30 AM
Volume weighted probabilistic methods for nitinol lifetime prediction
Mr. Craig Bonsignore, Confluent Medical Technologies; Mr. Karthik Senthilnathan, NDC; Dr. Ali Shamimi, NDC
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