"Advanced Test Control Techniques for Improved Insight into Individual Device Fracture in a Multi-Sample Fatigue Test System"

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Saal 4 (Hall 4) (Bodenseeforum Konstanz)
Mrs. Kelsey K Banas , MTS Systems, Eden Prairie, MN
Thomas Bryron , MTS Systems, Eden Prairie, MN
Andrew Simon , MTS Systems, Eden Prairie, MN
Scott Anderson , MTS Systems, Eden Prairie, MN
Lito Mejia , MTS Systems, Eden Prairie, MN
A multi-sample test system has been created with advanced control techniques which allow the user to individually monitor nitinol apices fractures. The control system automatically senses impending fracture on each station and increases the rate of data acquisition on the specified station where the load falloff precursors are detected. Data can be extracted for individual sample sites from any cycles of the test and is automatically stored to a designated location after each specimen fracture transpires. Following a fracture, the system allows the user to decide if the test should continue, pause in order to remove the damaged specimen, or terminate. The pause and stop test functions are controlled with advanced techniques which ensure no further damage will be done to any of the installed samples. These software capabilities also allow for high reliability in the event of power loss or unforeseen interference. Additional operator specified data acquisition methods and analysis are available within the control system to meet specific test needs. The ability to individually detect the load falloff of nitinol apices allows for advanced insight in device fractures during testing.

Keywords: fatigue life testing, fatigue to fracture, multi-sample, fracture, data acquisition, advanced control

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