Materials Behavior & Characterization: Permittivity on a Range of ZIRCAR Ceramics Alumina Products

Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Exhibit Hall 1 (America's Center)
Mr. David Hamling , Zircar Ceramics, Inc., Florida, NY
Mr. Phil Hamling , Zircar Ceramics, Inc., Florida, NY
The use of Microwave Energy is expanding in the areas of metal heat treating, melting and casting. Selection of thermal insulation materials exhibiting high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity and are transparent to microwave energies is important. Presented is permittivity (microwave transparency) data on a number of low mass materials. This presentation provides a look at the history of ZIRCAR Ceramics and describes the methodology used to study the permittivity of a range of low mass materials. Permittivity data is presented on a group of 8 low mass thermal insulation materials materials.
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