Sustainable Materials: Sustainable materials, optimized structure, and process of a novel overall load-bearing EEM honeycomb structure

Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Exhibit Hall 1 (America's Center)
Mr. XiangWen Xiong , International WYNNBEAR Advanced Innovation, The US/CHN, GZ, China
There is a novel aviation infrastructure system by a multipurpose and multilayer ecological & energized module (EEM) system, which is aiming to create the high safety & security, graceful and comfortable air travel environment, high-quality air, zero energy, zero-water-consumption, and zero-carbon with a 100% greening rate, etc., in which a totally-enclosed EEM system is used as the airport pavement plate for the airport pavement system, in which the underlying support system is the divisional overall load-bearing EEM structures with an invisible EEM cellular system. The invisible EEM cellular system is pitted with cell-like cavities, or as a honeycomb. The enclosed EEM system is also a reliable protective layer for concrete roads. The reliable EEM protection increases the service life of the concrete roads as well. As a bearing layer, however, the total weight and impact force can be in hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons during takeoffs and landings of super-heavy aircraft. We have preliminarily determined the material selection, structural characteristics, and process parameters of the overall load-bearing EEM honeycomb structures. Shape memory materials, such as alloys, polymers, and ceramics, morphing/adaptive/active structures, multifunctional composite, and emerging technologies are needed for the EEM honeycomb structures. Additionally, reducing the impact of products and services on the environment, analyzing the waste of energy consumption in processing and recycling is another important issue. This paper will discuss the preparatory selection and optimization of various materials, the optimization of process flow, etc., and more optimal options will be involved.


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