Non Destructive Testing

Tuesday, September 14, 2021: 8:00 AM-11:00 AM
241 (America's Center)
Mr. Aaron Slager, Bell Helicopter, Dr. Vir Nirankari, Exponent, Inc. and Mr. Jake Auliff, DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS
8:00 AM
Using NDE tools in Failure Analyses
Mr. Dave Utrata, Center for NDE
8:40 AM
9:00 AM
Infrared Thermography 2: Building Applications
Mr. Tony Havics, PE, pH2, LLC
10:00 AM
Use of X-ray Tomography to Guide Data Acquisition in FA Workflows
Dr. William M Harris, Carl Zeiss Microscopy; Dr. Kyle D. Crosby, Carl Zeiss Microscopy; Dr. Herminso Villarraga Gomez, Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology
10:20 AM
(V) Performance And Safety Implications Of Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Lithium-Ion Batteries: Best Practices And Case Study
Dr. Vir Nirankari, Exponent, Inc.; Dr. John McGann, Exponent, Inc.; Dr. Kevin White, Exponent, Inc.
10:40 AM
Evaluation of a Failed Extrusion Auger Shaft That Fractured in Two Locations
Mr. Jerry C. Capo, Product Evaluation Systems, Inc.; Dr. Chris Bagnall, MCS Associates, Inc.; Mr. Walter J. Moorhead, Product Evaluation Systems, Inc.