Fatigue & Fracture

Thursday, September 16, 2021: 8:00 AM-11:40 AM
241 (America's Center)
Mr. Christopher Misorski, FASM, Mercury Marine, Mr. William Rossey, GE Aviation and Mr. Nicholis Cherolis, BakerRisk
9:00 AM
Reciprocating Compressor Tie Bolt Root Cause Failure Analysis
Mrs. Linda K. Robinson, PE, KnightHawk Engineering, Inc; Mr. Erik Howard, PE, KnightHawk Engineering, Inc; Dr. Michael Hoerner, PhD., KnightHawk Engineering, Inc.; Dr. Yanli Zhang, PhD., KnightHawk Engineering, Inc; Dr. Yang Gao, PhD., KnightHawk Engineering, Inc; Dr. Farzam Mortazavi, PhD., KnightHawk Engineering, Inc; Mr. Clifton T. Knight, PE, KnightHawk Engineering, Inc; Ms. Pooja Sheth, M.S., KnightHawk Engineering, Inc.
9:40 AM
Failure Analysis of a Fractured Stick End Casting: An ASM Materials Camp Investigation
Dr. Erik Mueller, P.E., National Transportation Safety Board; Ms. Rachel Eckert, Iowa State University; Mr. Adam J Boesenberg, Iowa State University; Ms. Nicole Hudak, Ohio State University; Mr. Krish Gupta, Purdue University; Mr. Zachary Dickinson, Gannon University; Ms. Miabella Doerr, Lakewood High School,; Mr. Tao Dodeja, Solon High School; Mr. Eric Echanove, Notre Dame Cathedral High School
10:00 AM
10:20 AM
Effects on Fatigue Life of Prior Processing and Seam Positioning of Welded Steel Tubes
Mr. Christopher Misorski, FASM, Mercury Marine; Mr. David Kalchbrenner, Mercury Marine
10:40 AM
Failure Analysis of Fractured U-Bolts
Dr. Erhan Ulvan, Ph.D., P.Eng., FASM, Acuren Group Inc.; Mr. Houssein Bazzoun, B.Sc., Acuren Group Inc.
11:00 AM
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