Nanocomposite Boride coating for molten metal corrosion resistance

Monday, May 11, 2015: 5:10 PM
Room 101A (Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center)
Mr. Andrew J. Sherman , Mesocoat Inc., Euclid, OH
Dr. Evelina Vogli , Mesocoat Inc., Euclid, OH
Mr. gabriel Santillan , Mesocoat Inc., Euclid, OH
Galvanizing and die casting operations involve high mechanical loads on moving parts in contact with molten metals.  molten aluminum and zinc are extremely corrosive to most materials, including common thermal spray materials.    In addition, these applications involve oxidation and severe thermal shock, and require non-wetting for both the metals and their slags and fluxes.   Borides offer the best properties for resisting the wear and corrosion, but do not posses the oxidation resistance or thermal shock resistance and durability required in molten metal corrosion applications.  PComP-M(TM) nanocomposite metal boride thermal spray coatings offer 1-2 orders of magnitude improvement in molten metal corrosion resistance, while being extremenly resilient, durable, and non-wetting/non-stick to the metals.  The lab and field performance of these coatings in stabilizer rolls and other molten metal immersion applications will be presented and discussed
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