Monday, May 11, 2015: 3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room 101A (Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center)
Session Chairs:
Dr. Satish Dixit and Mr. David Webb
3:30 PM
"Investigation of oxidation behavior and evolvement of grain morphology of Fe-Cr-Al alloy at 1200℃ and 1300℃"
Ms. Yan Zhao, Thermal Spraying Center of Dalian Maritime University; Prof. Yang Gao, Thermal Spraying Center of Dalian Maritime University
3:50 PM
Anti-adhesive, high wear resistance coatings for paper industry
Dr. Hasso Jungklaus, Voith Paper; Mr. Alexander Etschmaier, Voith Paper
4:10 PM
HVOF Thermally Sprayed Ni50Cr Coatings Onto Power Plant Steels: Microstructure, Porosity and Oxidation Performance
Dr. Tanvir Hussain, University of Nottingham; Prof. D Graham McCartney, University of Nottingham; Dr. K T Voisey, University of Nottingham; Mr. Bo Song, University of Nottingham
4:30 PM
Influence of Metal Bond Coat Thickness on Adhesion Strength of APS Ceramic Coatings
Mr. John W. Barr, Watson Laboratory - Watson Grinding & MFG
4:50 PM
Kinetic Metallization TM of High-Valued Military Components
Mr. Howard Gabel, Inovati; Dr. Ralph Tapphorn, Inovati; Mr. Travis Crowe, Inovati
5:10 PM
Nanocomposite Boride coating for molten metal corrosion resistance
Mr. Andrew J. Sherman, Mesocoat Inc.; Dr. Evelina Vogli, Mesocoat Inc.; Mr. gabriel Santillan, Mesocoat Inc.