Plasma Processing I

Tuesday, May 2, 2017: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
554AB (Rhode Island Convention Center)
S.G. Walton, Naval Research Laboratory
8:30 AM
Ionisation Enhancement Control for Magnetron Sputtering Processes
Florian Meyer, Gencoa Ltd; V. Bellido-Gonzalez, Gencoa Ltd; T. Sgrilli, Gencoa Ltd; J. Brindley, Gencoa Ltd; H. Li, Gencoa Ltd; F. Papa, Gencoa in USA; J. Housden, Wallwork Cambridge Ltd; L. Espitalier, Wallwork Cambridge Ltd; S. Banfield, Wallwork Cambridge Ltd; Dr Steven Stanley, Gencoa Ltd
8:50 AM
Recapture of ion-induced secondary electrons emitted from magnetron targets
Donald J McClure, 3M; Cedric Bedoya, 3M; Edward J. Anderson, 3M
9:10 AM
Controlling the ion to neutral ratio by measuring the plasma emission in a non-reactive HIPIMS process
Holger Gerdes, Fraunhofer IST; Julius Rieke, Technical University Braunschweig, Institute for Surface Technology; Ralf Bandorf, Fraunhofer IST; Thomas Schütte, PLASUS GmbH; Michael Vergöhl, Fraunhofer IST; Günter Bräuer, Technical University Braunschweig
9:30 AM
9:40 AM
Inspired from telecommunication amplifiers to plasma power supplies
Christian Thome, TRUMPF Huettinger GmbH + Co. KG; Christian Bock, TRUMPF Huettinger GmbH + Co. KG; Tobias Keller, TRUMPF Huettinger GmbH + Co. KG; Modashree Rangesh, TRUMPF Huettinger GmbH + Co. KG; Daniel Krausse, TRUMPF Huettinger GmbH + Co. KG; Pawel Grabowski, TRUMPF Huettinger GmbH + Co. KG
10:00 AM
The role of the positive voltage reversal in HIPIMS on plasma discharges and coating properties
Ivan Fernandez, NANO4ENERGY SL; Ambiorn Wennberg, HIPV AB; Gerhard Eichenhofer, HIPV AB
10:20 AM
INVITED: From Target to Substrate - About the Generation of Energetic Ions in HiPIMS Discharges
Achim von Keudell, Institute for Experimental Physics II Ruhr-University Bochum