Thursday, 21 August 2003
This presentation is part of : What Works in a Clinical Approach to Dementia: Stages and Cultures

S090-002 Preclinical Stage: Early Diagnosis and Prevention

Jorge Cervilla, Community Mental Health Services, Community Mental Health Services, Sant Joan de Déu-Serveis de Salut Mental, Vilanova, Spain

This conference will focus on pre-clinical diagnosis of dementia and potential targets for preventive interventions derived form epidemiological evidence. We will present preliminary data from a recent study (currently under editorial consideration) on the ability of a cognitive test package to predict the onset of dementia up to 11 years later, and the extent to which this prediction is independent of that provided by APOE genotype. This, and other studies on this issue, will be presented as background knowledge to orientate future preventative interventions. A review of current preventative measures to decrease the risk for dementia will follow, with particular attention to some studies published by the speaker and his colleagues on the following risk factors for early dementia and cognitive decline. In particular, the following potential preventative interventions will be analysed: smoking, drinking, depression, hypertension and other vascular factors.

References Cervilla, J.A.; Prince, M.; Joels, S; Lovestone, S; Mann, A. Long term determinants of cognitive outcome in a cohort of elderly hypertensives. British Journal of Psychiatry (2000a): vol 177, 66-71.

Cervilla, JA; Prince, M., Joels, S; Mann, A. Does depression predict cognitve function 9 to 12 years earlier?: Evidence from a longitudinal study of elderly community-dwelling volunteers. Psychological Medicine, 2000b, 30, 1017-1023.

Cervilla JA, Prince M, Mann A. Smoking, Drinking and Incident Cognitive Impairment: A cohort community based study included in the Gospel Oak Project. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2000c, 68, 622-6

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