The Eleventh International Congress, Chicago, USA

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Poster Sessions
Satellite Symposia

 Sunday, 17 August 2003

 17:30-19:30 Keynote Presentations
KP001 Enhancing The Human Connection in an Age of New Technologies 
 Monday, 18 August 2003

S001 Ethical Issues in Cutting Edge Research: The Role of Research Monitoring Boards 
S002 Towards Fronto-Temporal Dementia Early Diagnosis: A New Challenge 
S003 Using Telecommunications to Improve Geriatric Mental Health Care 
S004 Bipolar Disorders in Old Age 
S005 Evidence-Based Psychosocial Interventions for People with Alzheimer's Disease and their Family Caregivers 
S006 The European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (EADC) 
S007 Quality of Life in Dementia: Is It Measurable and Is It Possible? 
S008 Psychotherapy in late life: theoretical and quantitative issues 

 11:00-12:30 Keynote Presentations
KP002 Bio-Medical Breakthroughs, the Implications for Diagnosis, Treatment, and Ethics for the 21st Century 

S009 New Ways to Access Old Patients: The Impact of Telemedicine in the New Century 
S010 What Is Appropriate Behavior in Psychogeriatrics: Ethics Towards Our Patients and Our Community 
S011 Anxiety Disorders in Late Life: Research Data from a Developing Field 
S012 Current Issues in Psychogeriatric Nursing 
S013 Late-Life Mood Disorder: Significant Progress but Many Unanswered Questions 
S014 Psychopathology with Parkinson's Disease vs. Parkinson's Disease with Psychopathology 
S015 Delirium 

S016 Use of Technology in Psychogeriatrics: Brain Imaging, Brain Stimulation, and Beyond 
S017 Late-Life Depression: New Findings From Community and Clinic Based Populations in Dublin 
S018 Genetics in Alzheimers Disease: an APOE Genotype and Beyond 
S019 New Drug Development in Psychogeriatrics 
S020 Anxiety in the Elderly; Current Status and an Agenda for the Future 
S021 New Technology and New Possibilities 
S022 Vascular Cognitive Impairment 
S023 Identifying and Treating Delirium: A Psychiatric Medical Problem 
 Tuesday, 19 August 2003

S024 Squalor: Assessment and Intervention 
S025 Clinical Neuroscience of Late-Life Mood Disorders 
S026 New Information About Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and ECT in Psychogeriatrics 
S027 Long-Term Care: A New Research Laboratory 
S028 The 10/66 Dementia Research Group – Dementia in Developing Countries 
S029 Is 'Clinical Neurosciences' the Future Home of Psychogeriatrics?: An International Perspective 
S030 New Findings in the Pharmacology of Dementia 
S031 Subtypes of Dementia 
S032 Where is the Geriatric Psychiatry in Psychiatry Training? An International Perspective 

 11:00-12:30 Keynote Presentations
KP003 New Technologies and Their Application in Psychogeriatrics 

S033 Geriatric Psychiatry in Spain 
S034 Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia Throughout the Stages of Severity: the BPSD Network Netherlands 
S035 Fronto-temporal Dementia and Dementia with Lewy Bodies: Clinical and Scientific Challenges 
S036 Fostering Research Careers in Geriatric Psychiatry: Opportunities with the Summer Research Institute and 1995 Alumni Progress Report 
S037 Recent Findings on the Pharmacology of BPSD 
S038 Clincal Advances in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease 
S039 Neuropsychology and Aging: Dementia and Beyond 
S040 Alzheimer's Disease and MCI: Cultural and Ethical Issues 
S041 Enhancing the Quality of Life for Persons with Dementia Using Nonpharmacological Approaches 

S042 Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in the Elderly. Results from European Studies. 
S043 Non-Pharmacological Treatments for Dementia: a Report of Controlled Randomized Trials 
S044 Developing Approaches to Alzheimer Screening 
S045 From Pharmacotherapy to Phenomenology: New Reports and New Contributions 
S046 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the Elderly 
S047 Lewy Body Disease and Dementia 
S048 Mild Cognitive Impairment: Identification, Progression, and Treatment 
S049 Life-Span Risk Factors for the Development of Dementia 
S050 Psychological Interventions in Late Life Depression 
 Wednesday, 20 August 2003

S051 Pursuing the Perfect Administrative Career: Folly or Opportunity? 
S052 From Outcomes to Measurements to Evaluations 
S053 Interface of Psychogeriatrics and Other Disciplines-Clinical, Social Science (Basic Science) 
S054 Psychogeriatrics in the Muslim World 
S055 Recent Advances in Mental Health Services Research: Integrating Mental Health Services for Older Adults into Primary Care and Home Healthcare 
S056 Economics of Cost and Reimbursement: an Ongoing Challenge in Psychogeriatrics 
S057 Fee-for-Service Comprehensive Geriatrics Outside the University Walls 
S058 Transcultural Aspects of Aging and Dementia 

 11:00-12:30 Keynote Presentations
KP004 Consequences of the New Demographics of Aging in Developing Countries and Western Europe 

S059 Public Policy: Different Venues but Similar Problems Around the World 
S060 Unexplored Issues in Psychogeriatrics: Spiritual, Ethical, Environmental, and Legal Aspects of Patient Care 
S061 Management Issues in Geriatric Consultation Liaison Psychiatry 
S062 Challenges in the Delivery of Psychogeriatric Services 
S063 Eastern European Initiative Symposium 
S064 Health Care of the Elderly in the Rural and Frontier Areas (Globally and Domestically) 
S065 Predictors of Psychopathology in the Elderly 
S066 Diagnosis of Dementia in Specific Populations: People Who Are Illiterate, Different Ethnic Groups and Cultures and Centenarians 

S067 Psychogeriatrics Around the World: Local Research Projects with Global Implications 
S068 Dementia in Parkinson's Disease 
S069 Asia Pacific Regional Initiative; Contributing to the Development of Neuropsychological Assessment in China: Report of a Pilot Program 
S070 The Efficacy of ECT in Major Depression: Findings from Phase I of the C.O.R.E.* ECT Study 
S071 Interface of Medicine and Psychiatry in Psychogeriatrics I 
S072 Enhancing Research Participation for Ethnic Minority Elders: An American Problem with International Implications 
S073 Health Economics and Public Health Implications of Alzheimer's Disease with and without Medical Co-Morbidities 
S074 Late-Life Depression and Co-existing Conditions 
 Thursday, 21 August 2003

S075 Neurobiological Factors in Late-life Depression 
S076 The Impact of Caregiving Across Different Dementia Diagnosis 
S077 Innovative Thoughts and New Thinking in Psychogeriatrics 
S078 Late Life Psychosis: New Approaches, New Information 
S079 Interface of Basic Science and Psychogeriatrics 
S080 Psychogeriatrics Around the World: Local Research Projects with Global Implications 
S081 New Aspects of Service Delivery: An International Perspective 

 11:00-12:30 Keynote Presentations
KP005 IPA Awards for Research in Psychogeriatrics 

S082 Late Onset Schizophrenia: New Wine in Old Bottle 
S083 Pharmacotherapy of Depression 
S084 Interface of Basic Science and Psychogeriatrics 2 
S085 The Impact of Caregiving Across Different Dementia Diagnosis: Differences and Similarities 
S086 Biological Basis of BPSD 
S087 A Report of New, Large Epidemiological Studies 
S088 Issues in the Management of Substance Abuse in Older Adults 
S089 Translational Research in Alzheimer Disease: From the Lab to the Clinic 

S090 What Works in a Clinical Approach to Dementia: Stages and Cultures 
S091 From Demographics to Epidemiology to Anthropology: The Impact on Psychogeriatric Care 
S092 Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Aging 
S093 New Data on the Application of Translational Research to Patient Care 
S094 Elderly Suicide 
S095 Approaches to Depression 
S096 Interface of Medicine and Psychiatry 
S097 Age Associated Memory Impairment and Mild Cognitive Impairment: What is Our Next Direction? 
 Friday, 22 August 2003

S098 How Do We Decide About Competency: Ethical Views From Clinical, Legal, Psychological and Philosophical Fields. 
S099 The Impact of Nutrition in Brain Pathology 
S100 The Life of Alzheimer 
S101 Driving Abilities and Mental Health 
S102 Risk Factors in Late Life Suicide: A Comparison of East and West 

KP006 Enhancing Connections Between the Young and the Old 
PA Monday Poster Sessions 
PB Tuesday Poster Sessions 
PC Wednesday Poster Sessions 
PD Thursday Poster Sessions