Tuesday, 19 August 2003
This presentation is part of : Squalor: Assessment and Intervention

S024-003 Senile Squalor: One Community's Response

Graham L Pollett, Middlesex-London Health Unit, London, ON, Canada

Objective:To describe how one community (London, Ontario, Canada)is addressing the issue of senile squalor.

Design:The presentation will highlight the findings and recommendations of a task force comprised of representatives from involved community agencies, struck to address the social and health challenges posed by persons living in squalor.

Materials and Methods:Literature review; expert opinion; consensus decision making

Results: A community action plan to co-ordinate services for persons living in squalor

Conclusion: Addressing the health and social challenges posed by persons living in squalor requires a co-ordinated, collaborative response on the part of community agencies.

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