Thursday, 21 August 2003
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PD-057 Importance of Occupation for the Well-Being in the Elderly

Helena Palma-Reis, Alges Health Center, Lisboa, Portugal and Inês Palma-Reis, Faculdade Ciências Médicas Universidade Nova Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal.

Objective: Evaluation of the relation of well being, occupation, and depression in the elderly.

Materials and Methods: We have submitted a population of 100 elderly to a inquiry of well being and activity using Hamilton test, Simple and Partial Correlation Spearman Test, and Turkey Technic.

Results: We have found a significant correlation between well being and depression (0.1583), between occupation and well being (0.5342) and between occupation and depression (0.7016). Using T Test we found a very significant correlation on studied items. Using Spearman Parcial Correlation Test we have found a correlation of 0.216 between occupation and well being excluding depression; correlation of occupation and depression of 0.345 excluding well being and 0.5680; and correlation of well beeing and depression excluding occupation.

Conclusion: Depression is strongly related with well being staying correlated even when we remove the occupation factor. Occupation seems to be a very important factor for depression because the correlation remains even after removing the well being influence.

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