Thursday, 21 August 2003
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PD-046 Blocking of the Genetic Mechanisms of Brain Aging and Displacement of a Lifespan up to 200-300 Years

Ye. Lokhov Rudolf, Research Institute of Biochemical Engineering of cell., Vladikavkaz, Russia

We yet have revealed in 1976 a new generation of physiologically active substances. In the experiment on the subcellular (mytochondrium), cellular (yeast, microorganisms, malignant cells), organism’s levels (on 1200 lined and unlined rats, 10000 chickens, 52 piglets, 30 calves, 107 cows and 36 monkeys) as well as in clinical investigations on 400 hopeless patients with considerable tumours on T3-4N1M0 and T3-4N1M1-3 stages and different forms of leukemia was shown that the action of preparation of RL-175, RL-S and RL-3 series was manifesting in “editing” correction of mutation sites in logic chain of the DNA, chromosomes translocations and others with subsequent recomprising of a new program on matrix pool of RNA and realization of this program under the mechanism of reverse translation of RNA-DNA-protein synthesis. Discovered phenomenon of recomprising and strengthening of DNA program on the matrix newly reedited RNA allows to receive by copulative method already in the first generation animals and man of more powerful original (stamm) according to vitally important functions than what was in the initial variant (stereotype). A revealed complex of qualitative signs is fixed in the generation. During the experiment the displacement in the aspectual life span of experimental animals on 175% was proved. A phenomenon revealed at first by us is closer to the ideology of Benjamin Levin who dreamed in his well-known book “Cell” (1983) ideally be able in vivo directedly receive or strengthen useful mutations in any gene of the organism.

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