Thursday, 21 August 2003
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PD-033 Several Statistical Data That Are Troubling…

Arpine Kirakosyan, Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy, "Stress" Mental Health Centre, Yerevan, Armenia

Several Statistical Data That Are Troubling… Arpine Kirakisyan, “Stress” Mental Health Centre; Hasmik Kirakosyan “Erebouni” Institute of Psychology and Sociology; Gayane Haroutunyan, Stress” Mental Health Centre; Anna Sanoyan, Yerevan State Medical University; Vardan Karamyan, Yerevan State Medical University; Arshak Hovhannisyan, “Psichea” NGO,

It is not a secret that in every country the social, economic and political situation determines the life quality of the given country as well as the quality of different kinds of services. In this case it refers to the mental health services in the health care system. There is no definitely formed geriatric field in Armenia. Yet o the statistical data of the Ministry of Health perplex the specialists. In course of the past 10 years the natural growth of the population decreased seven times more. If in 1991 the natural growth composed 15.1% on 1000 of population in 2001 it composed 2.12%. 1.70% of from 100.000 population patients suffering from mental disorders had died in result, in 2001 -1.89 of from 100.000 population. As result of cerebrovascular disorders 94.66% had died in 2000, and 100.94% from 100.000 population in 2001. Unfortunately we have no exact separate data on studies by nosology and age as there is no specialists occupied only in this field as well as scales that reveal peculiar to elders and old elders mental and personal disorders. In this regards we find the implication and implementation of high-tech processes in this field is of vital importance and will play crucial role in furtherance of the anticipated goals and then results as it will allow to carry out more extended studies. All the above-stated drives us to the conclusion that the problem needs more detailed investigations and one of them trough networking.

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