Thursday, 21 August 2003
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PD-048 Effective Remedy for Alzheimer’s Disease Personalized Treatment, “Adement”

Alexander Makarenko, Institute of Pharmakology/Toxicology AMSci, Kiev, Ukraine



Materials and Methods:



It was elaborated a new method of receiving and using the new Individual Therapeutic Remedy from Trophinotropine class for Alzeheimer’s disease (AD) treatment – “Adement”. A general method of brain-derived remedy “Adement” pick out by a gelchromathographycal fractionation of patient blood (2,0 ml) in AD stage plato’s after basic traditional therapy (nootrops, ACE – inhibitors, neuropeptides) of patients with progredient clinical period. Clinical effectivity of it has been approbated in 17 patients with Alzheimer disease (AD) (II and III st.). Patients autoplasmaprepared with methods of plasmaferesis, freezed by T oC – 26 oC and than introducted this patients as nasal drops. Combination Autoplasma and Adement permited to get clear therapeutic effect, because a new individual complex is effective and perspective kind of AD treatment due to normalization of BPSD (psychological) and, especially, bechavioral symptoms and disorders of dementia. Analyze of therapeutic low mol.w “Adement”. Fractions have employed some peptide molecules (mol.w. 300 – 600 Da), which have been modified for therapeutic using. It was found that “Adement” intranasal administration (2 drops, every day, 2 weeks) for double-blind study on the 3rd days therapy are accompanied with antipsychotic effect, behavioral, sleep, and body weight normalization. Regredient effect of “Adement” administration was shown in rehabilitation of particular on more than 70% abilities for a spend time with relations and surrenders, AD progressing were retardate were retardate or blocked, which was shown after one year catamnestic study. Illustrations. T., woman, 67 old, diagnosis: m.Alzheimer, middle grade of dementia (disease of memorys, accounts agnosia disease of praxis, and depressia disphoria, nonindependent). Later on treatement of “Adement” was standent more tranquil, contactical, self make domestic functions, reduced depressia, disphoria. But there are basical diseases of intellect. And now, heiling effect of “Adement” is stabilization the state of sicks and antipsychotical action. Hence, new method of receiving and successful using Individual Remedy “Adement” for concrete period treatment of AD will promote to research of another different kind remedies for whole group psychiatric and neurodegenerative disease treatment.

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