Thursday, 21 August 2003
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PD-049 Management of Late Life Mood Disorders in Healthy Persons

Mukul K Manna, Department of Physiology, Department of Physiology, City College, Kolkata, India

This study included a sample of 224 healthy participants aged 65 or over and who had resided in their own houses. To avoid confusion, persons suffering from chronic diseases were excluded from the present study. Field work began in 1995 and were completed in 2002-2003. The genetic and environmental factors of late life mood disorders (LLMD) were identified. Irrespective of sexes, participants were classified into four goups:

(1) Rich and family bound; (2) Rich, but isolated from the family; (3) Not rich, but family bound; (4) Neither rich nor family bound.

It was noted that around 63% of the total subjects were suffering from late life mood disorders. But the naure of such disorders were different depending on their social and family environments irrespective of the genetic factors. The persons who were isolated from their nearest and dearest ones were suffering from fear psycosis, anorexia nervosa, etc. Some rich subjects were always worried about their health. The prsons identified to suffer from LLMD were asked to undertake 1 hr meditation, 2 hrs walking 1 hr reading books of jokes and 2 hrs any shorts of hand work/family work and to spend rest of the time with children and friends besides 8-9 hrs sleeping. In all the cases, the results were satisfactory. It may be concluded that proper caregiving and a fixed routine of daily life, proper diet, mild exercise and meditation can eliminate the LLMD.

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