Monday, 18 August 2003: 15:45-17:15
Erie Room (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S018 Genetics in Alzheimers Disease: an APOE Genotype and Beyond

 S018-001 Apolipoprotein E (APOE) Polymorphism Influences Serum APOE Levels in Alzheimerís Disease Patients and Centenarians
Vincenzo Solfrizzi, Francesco Panza, Anna Maria Colacicco, Alessia D'Introno, Anna Maria Basile, Cristiano Capurso, Maria Sabba, Eugenia Mascolo, Antonio Capurso
 S018-002 Apolipoprotein E Levels and Genotype, APP, bA4, MTHFR Genotype, Homocysteine Levels, Cognition and Depression in Older Men in Perth
Leon Flicker, Ralph Martins, Jenny Thomas, John Acres, Kevin Taddei, Paul Norman, Konrad Jamrozik, Osvaldo Almeida
 S018-004 Effect of APOE Genotype on Behavioral and Psychological Signs and Symptoms of Dementia
Sebastiaan Engelborghs, Bart Dermaut, Rudi D'Hooge, Anoek Symons, Frederik Clement, Peter MariŽn, Johan Goeman, Barbara A Pickut, Marleen Van den Broeck, Sally Serneels, Marc Cruts, Christine Van Broeckhoven, Peter P De Deyn
 S018-003 Impact of Apolipoprotein E genotype in Mild Cognitive Impairment: Findings from the InDDEx study
Martin R. Farlow, Yunsheng He, Sibel Tekin, Roger Lane, Jane Xu, Linda Mancione, Mihael Polymeropoulos
 S018-005 Shifts in Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme Insertion Alele Frequency Across Europe: Implications For Alzheimerís Disease Risk
Francesco Panza, Vincenzo Solfrizzi, Alessia D'Introno, Anna Maria Colacicco, Cristiano Capurso, Francesca Amoruso, Paola Cicerone, Cosimo Semeraro, Antonio Capurso

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