Tuesday, 19 August 2003: 09:00-10:30
Sheraton Ballrooms I-V (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S031 Subtypes of Dementia

 S031-001 Lewy Body Dementia in a Nursing Home Population: Specificity and Sensitivity of the McKeith Diagnostic Criteria, the Rate of Progression of Symptoms, and Side Effects of Neuroleptic Therapy
Albert Wettstein, Christian Strübi, David Nochlin
 S031-002 Is Vascular Dementia a Common Cause of Presenile Dementia in South India?
Thomas Iype, Shaji Ks, Sunu Lazar Cyriac, Shaji Abraham, Antony T P, Praveen Lal K
 S031-003 The Neuropsychological Profile of Vascular Cognitive Impairment in Stroke Patients
Perminder S Sachdev, Henry Brodaty, Michael Valenzuela, Lisa Lorentz, Wei Wen, Amy Ross, Lesley Howard, Annette Koschera, Karen Berman
 S031-004 Patients with Probable Vascular Dementia Have High Levels of Comorbid Cardiovascular Disease and a Characteristic Pattern of Cognitive Decline
Gustavo Romàn, Raymond D Pratt, Carlos A Perdomo

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