Thursday, 21 August 2003: 13:45-15:15
Huron Room (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S084 Interface of Basic Science and Psychogeriatrics 2

 S084-001 Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Therapy with Cholinesterase Inhibitors - Is It Enzyme Inhibition Only ?
Albert Enz
 S084-002 Post Mortem Findings Suggest Possible Alteration of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology Following Immunization with Amyloid b-peptide
David Wilkinson, James Nicoll
 S084-003 CSF Estrogen Levels are Correlated with Hippocampal Glucose Metabolism in Alzheimer’s Disease
Peter Schoenknecht, Aoife Hunt, Marcus Hentze, Johannes Pantel, Johannes Schroeder
 S084-004 Dementia with Lewy Bodies: Preliminary Observations on Cholinesterase Inhibitor Switching
Nadeem H. Bhanji, Serge Gauthier
 S084-005 Increased CSF-levels of TGF-beta in Fronto-Temporal Dementia: Evidence of Inflammation?
Magnus JC Sjogren, Sara Folkesson, Kaj Blennow, Elisabeth Tarkowski
 S084-006 Phospholipase A2 Activity in Memory Processing and Alzheimer’s Disease
Orestes V. Forlenza, Evelin L. Schaeffer, Camila Mendes, Priscilla Wacker, Paula V. Nunes, Cássio Machado de Campos Bottino, Claudio Castro, Wagner F. Gattaz

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