Tuesday, 19 August 2003: 15:45-17:15
Superior Room (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S050 Psychological Interventions in Late Life Depression

This symposium will present state-of-the art findings on the practical application of cognitive-behavioral treatments to mental disorders of the elderly. In the past, cognitive-behavioral and other focuses of psychotherapy were felt to be inappropriate for older persons. However, over the past twenty-five years a variety of investigators have demonstrated that older persons can achieve outcomes as good as those seen in younger populations. Researchers using a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques have established specific methods that improve the reliability and generalizability of these treatment methods to older persons. These methods include manualized instructions and assessment of competency through audiotape or videotape supervisions. At times, these methods also include specific adaptation to accommodate social and functional constraints more common among the elderly. Although counseling and psychotherapeutic techniques have primarily been studied and applied to older persons with depressive disorders, advances have also been made in applying focused techniques to treat older persons with anxiety disorders, alcohol use, skills training in older persons with schizophrenia, mild dementing disorders, and persons with depression and cognitive impairments. These techniques can be used alone or in combination with psychotropic medications. To increase effectiveness and dissemination, these treatments are increasingly being implemented by mid-level practitioners working in primary care or community settings. Three different applications of cognitive behavioral treatments will be presented in order to illustrate some of these advances. Dr. Tom Oxman will describe research on problem-solving treatment for primary care applied to minor depression and dysthymia. Dr. Pat Arean will present research on the utility of problem solving therapy for older adults with executive dysfunction and major depression. Dr. Linda Teri will provide an update on recent research on the nonpharmacological assessment and treatment of behavioral problems in patients with dementia.
Chair:Thomas Oxman
 S050-001 Predictors of Success with Problem-Solving Treatment for Primary Care Minor Depression
Thomas Oxman
 S050-002 Update on Nonpharmacological Management of Problem Behaviors in Persons with Dementia
Linda Teri
 S050-003 The Utilty of Problem Solving Therapy for Older Adults with Executive Dysfunction and Depression
Patricia Arean

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