Thursday, 21 August 2003: 15:45-17:15
Ontario Room (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S096 Interface of Medicine and Psychiatry

 S096-002 Age as a Risk Factor for Long-Term Cognitive Impairment Among Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Survivors
James C Jackson, Sharon M Gordon, Ayumi Shintani, Robert P Hart, Brenda Truman, Candace Burger, E. Wesley Ely
 S096-003 Long-Term Benefits of Rivastigmine in AD Patients with Hypertension
Timo Erkinjuntti, Roger Lane, Chris Andrews
 S096-004 Physical Activity and the Quality of Life in Older Patients
Floarea G. Revnic, Cristian Romeo Revnic, Nicolae G. Teleki, Simion Alexandru Revnic
 S096-005 Quality of Diabetes Care for Aging U.S. Military Veterans with Serious Mental Illness
Joel E. Streim, Bruce Kinosian, Steven Sayers
 S096-006 Risk Assessment in the Elderly Admitted to the Burns Unit
C A Lynch, Cathal Walsh, M O Donnell, AM O Dwyer
 S096-001 The Other Geriatric Mental Health Trilogy: Depression, Pain, and the Use of Substances
Patricia Stiles, Karen Clements

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