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Session 2: MatML
Location: C 122 (Greater Columbus Convention Center)
(Please check final room assignments on-site).
Session Description: This session focuses on the status of development and trial applications of MatML. MatML is the extensible markup language developed specifically for the exchange of materials information. The presentations in this session will report on recent developments of MatML and its utilization within database projects.

Session Chairs:Mr. Gilbert Kaufman Kaufman Associates, Columbus, OH
Ms. Deborah E. Mies MSC.Mvision Databanks, Santa Ana, CA
2:00 PMAn Update on the Development of MatML, the Extensible Materials Markup Language
2:30 PMAugmenting MatML with Heat Treating Semantics
3:00 PMMaterials Digital Library: Investigating Delivery of Materials Property Data with MatML
3:30 PMEnhancing the Flow of Materials Information in Engineering Organizations
4:00 PMAn Overview of the Materials and Processes Technical Information System (MAPTIS-II)
4:30 PMUsing MATML to Achieve Seamless Data Connectivity Between Diverse Applications
5:00 PMMatWeb's Implementation of MatML