Wednesday, 20 August 2003
This presentation is part of : Pursuing the Perfect Administrative Career: Folly or Opportunity?

S051-001 The Psychiatrist as a Hospital Executive

William E. Reichman, MSB C672, MSB C672, NJ Medical School, Newark, NJ, USA

This talk will explore the career transition from staff clinical psychiatrist to geriatric mental health Program Director, to Director of outpatient, ambulatory mental health services, to a significant leadership position as Chief Operating Officer and Medical Director of one of the United States’ largest behavioral health systems. The speaker will explore the skills that he needed to develop in order to successfully navigate through a complex organization and to ultimately “move up the ladder”. Such specific challenges as how to establish and maintain a strong working relationship with other non-physician managers, conduct contract negotiations with insurance company executives, successfully lead and supervise non-physician staff, conduct performance appraisals, and initiate disciplinary actions on other physicians and professionals will be described through real life examples that the speaker encountered in his career to date.

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