Wednesday, 20 August 2003: 09:00-10:30
Erie Room (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S051 Pursuing the Perfect Administrative Career: Folly or Opportunity?

This symposium will review the myriad opportunities available for the geropsychiatrist to pursue a rewarding executive career in administration and management. Discussants will review why and how they chose their specific administrative careers, what skills they lacked and needed to develop, and what the most significant challenges were in achieving success. Such roles as Dean of a Medical School, Chair of an academic Department of Psychiatry, Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of a large behavioral health system, and Physician Executive in a multinational pharmaceutical company will be discussed in depth. The speakers will describe how they gained skills in leadership, budgeting and financial reporting, resolving labor disputes, conducting performance appraisals, recruiting, hiring and firing of physicians and non-physicians, and moving up the organizational ladder. They will also discuss their experiences in negotiating compensation for themselves and others. The challenges and opportunities of working in large, complex, bureaucratic organizations will also be reviewed. The presenters will comprehensively share their own individual professional experiences while reviewing established principles of successful management, executive leadership, and career advancement. Importantly, each speaker will address how they approached the difficult task of maintaining their identities as physicians and clinicians while at the same time functioning day to day as executives. The symposium will consist of individual didactic presentations along with discussion among the panel of speakers and the audience.
Chair:William E. Reichman
 S051-001 The Psychiatrist as a Hospital Executive
William E. Reichman
 S051-002 The Psychiatrist as Dean of a Medical School
Christopher Colenda
 S051-003 The Psychiatrist as Chairman of a Department of Psychiatry
Charles Kellner
 S051-004 The Transition of a Psychiatrist Entering the Pharmaceutical Industry
Donald Hay

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