Wednesday, 20 August 2003
This presentation is part of : Pursuing the Perfect Administrative Career: Folly or Opportunity?

S051-002 The Psychiatrist as Dean of a Medical School

Christopher Colenda, School of Medicine, School of Medicine, TAMU, town, NJ, USA

The speaker will share his experience ascending to leadership of a major medical school in the United States. He will talk about the challenges and opportunities for a psychiatrist to transition from faculty member, to Chairman of a Department of Psychiatry at a large University, to Dean of a Medical School. This talk will specifically review which leadership and professional administrative skills were required to adequately prepare him for a Deanship. Additionally, particular attention will be paid to the unique management and administrative challenges that exist in the academic environment in which the autonomy of faculty is very highly valued. How to successfully lead in a setting in which the employees (faculty) are heavily involved in the governance of the institution will be highlighted.

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